A New Day for InsightLeap!

August 25, 2022 by Rishi Talwar

InsightLeap has come a long way since we officially launched in 2018 embarking on a mission to help brands and agencies gain actionable insights from their eCommerce data. It’s been amazing to see what we’ve built and how our product has impacted our customers’ lives.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce a new chapter in our story! We’ve been acquired by Ecliptic Idea’s founder Brendan Ronan, who runs a successful Ruby on Rails software consulting company. Haji and I will be stepping away from InsightLeap and transitioning leadership over to Brendan.

Over the last few months working with Brendan, we have been impressed by his engineering leadership and product sense, making him a perfect leader to continue forward on InsightLeap’s mission. We are excited for him and his team to build the future of how brands and agencies will use eCommerce data and new ways to solve complex eCommerce data problems.

InsightLeap is Only Getting Started

Brendan will be taking our product vision to new heights to address the needs of our customers and the evolving eCommerce data analytics market. We’ve been having conversations of where there are still gaps in the market and how the product can push boundaries to serve customer problems better.

What Happens Next?

Under Brendan’s new leadership you can expect InsightLeap to continue without any interruption. Over the coming weeks and months the product development will accelerate and move towards a new vision for the future. We’re thankful for all our customers, friends, advisors, loved ones, and everyone who we’ve crossed paths with in our journey. The trust and support everyone has given us over the years is truly remarkable and will not be forgotten. We have enjoyed our journey and are thrilled to continue to see InsightLeap succeed!

Rishi, Haji, and Brendan