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Comprehensive ASIN and Product Monitoring

ASIN and Product

Gain a bird's eye view of changes to your product catalog, customer reviews, lost buy boxes, price fluctuations, and third-party sellers, all in one place.

  • Content Changes
  • 3rd Party Offers
  • Buy Box Ownership
  • Customer Reviews
  • Best Seller Badges
  • Historic Price Changes

Notifications and Audit Alerts

Notifications and
Audit Alerts

Receive daily email notifications of critical changes as they occur so you can take action faster.

  • Lost Buy Box
  • Replenishment Code Changes
  • Broken Variations
  • Content Changes
Automate Your Amazon Vendor Central Reporting

Automate Your Amazon Vendor Central Reporting

Streamline operations and take charge of Amazon's messy Vendor Central reporting to turn your data into valuable insights.

  • View Product-level Vendor Central Sales & Inventory and PO data
  • Automate Monitoring of Large Product Catalogs
  • Improve strategy with historic VC reports, not just what Amazon allows you to see.
  • Discover Trends Faster
  • Monitor Chargebacks
Boost Advertising Performance

Boost Advertising Performance

Correlate campaign performance with product and inventory data to measure the impact of your advertising campaigns, ensuring you're always targeting your ideal customers.

  • Learn how changes to your product catalog correlate to changes in ad ROI
  • View Campaign Performance
  • Track Glance Views
Amazon Regions

Built for Global Teams

  • Manage Your Brands and Regions in one place
  • Unlimited Users with tiered permissions, access control, and notification settings
  • Automate processes and increase operational efficiency with automated reporting and monitoring.
Amazon Regions

Gain an Advantage with Better Tooling

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging our comprehensive set of tools, automation, and glanceable insights that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Better Report Automation
  • More Countries Supported
  • Better Pricing (only pay for what you use)
  • Money Back Guarantee

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Daily email notifications
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Receive notifications on replenishment
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Automatically audit your products at scale
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