Save Time Monitoring and
Grow Sales with InsightLeap

Freddy Flores, WD-40 Company
Freddy Flores
E-Commerce Marketing Manager, WD-40 Company

One of the major impacts InsightLeap has had on our tribe is saving hours of time in reporting on our Amazon performance and ability to easily go to one place for everything.

Greg Bonsib, General Tools
Greg Bonsib
VP of Marketing, General Tools

The value that InsightLeap provides is extraordinary compared to the cost when it means that you’re able to grow your business.

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Travis May, Navitas Organics
Travis May
Director of Sales - Online & Canada, Navitas Organics

For automating our product content audits alone it has saved us more than 50% of our time a month...where our team was spending 20 hours a month we are now only spending 2 hours

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Comprehensive ASIN and Product Monitoring

ASIN and Product

Gain an all-inclusive view of your product catalog, empowering you to monitor ASINs, lost buy boxes, customer reviews, price fluctuations, and third-party sellers, all in one place.

Weekly Trends

Notifications and
Audit Alerts

Receive daily email notifications and automatic audits tracking critical changes as they occur, providing timely insights into product performance and marketplace dynamics.

Automated Amazon Vendor Central Reporting

Amazon Vendor

Finally, get clear visibility into your brand's performance on Amazon, transforming messy Vendor Central data into valuable insights. Automatically generate reports to share with your team!

How can InsightLeap
benefit my team?

InsightLeap is a powerful tool that helps you monitor your Amazon product catalog, identify trends, and make strategic decisions faster.

It's built to help you save time and increase efficiency, so you can focus on higher impact work.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Easily keep track of large product catalogs and quickly respond to changes such as lost buy boxes, enabling faster action and recovery of sales.

Improved Decision Making

Make strategic decisions faster and identify short and long-term product trends. Understand what's working and what's not, and leverage these insights to increase sell-through.

Prevent Revenue Loss

Prevent potential lost revenue through automatic replenishment code tracking and ensure products are getting purchase orders in a timely manner.

Brand Protection

Protect your brand from unexpected content changes with automated content audits.

Ease of Use

Dramatically simplify your Amazon interactions and have all your data in one place for easy access and management. Respond quickly to issues that impact sales.

Value and Momentum

Gain extraordinary value in insight and time saved. Start with momentum as we'll import all available reports during setup, and continue to provide updated features regularly.

Increased Sales

Rescue lost sales and improve your sell-through rate by responding quickly to market changes and optimizing your strategy based on performance trends.

Responsive and Proactive Partnership

The team behind InsightLeap is responsive to user feedback and regularly updates the app with new features, ensuring our product adapts to your needs and evolves along with the ever-changing eCommerce landscape.

Amazon Regions

Amazon Regions