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Navitas Organics

How InsightLeap helps Navitas Organics be 50% more efficient doing business on Amazon

Client Interview by Rishi Talwar

If you’ve ever searched for an organic maca or cacao powder to put in your smoothie like I have, you’ve probably come across Navitas Organics. Navitas is a health food company that provides organic superfoods like chia seeds, goji berries, power snacks, and Acai powder to the world. We’ve tried some of their snacks, so we can vouch that they pack a lot of energy, are super healthy, and delicious! You can find their products at your local grocery store or Amazon of course!

We are pleased to interview Travis May, the Director of Sales – Online & Canada for Navitas Organics, who is one of our customers. He describes how they use InsightLeap to help them manage their Amazon channel data and monitor their products’ content on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy our chat with Travis!

Travis May, Navitas Organics

To start, can you tell us about Navitas Organics?

Navitas Organics is an organic superfood company. We manufacture pretty much every superfood you’ve heard of and a bunch that you probably haven’t. We started about 15 years ago and were one of the first to provide organic maca powder products.

What is your role at Navitas Organics and how long have you been at the company?

I am the Director of Sales for online and Canada. I manage all of our B2B online business including marketplace sites and I manage our Canadian business as well.

I’ve been at the company for about 3 years now.

Were you always in the retail industry and the consumer packaged goods space?

Previously, I was with a brand called Vega before Navitas. Vega is a plant protein manufacturer and they were certainly another player who were first to the game. At Vega I managed our online presence as well.

What were some of the problems you were trying to solve with InsightLeap?

The biggest challenge was our product content was constantly being changed on Amazon. I think everybody that has any experience with Amazon has encountered that problem. Anything from titles to bullet points, images, and descriptions which always seem to have constant issues being mixed up by third party sellers or Amazon themselves.

Why is it so important to you as a business to make sure you’re auditing your products on Amazon?

We’ve carefully crafted our copy and content to make sure that it is SEO relevant. Our copy also speaks to our brand and accurately gives consumers a detailed description of what they’re buying. When our product content gets changed it actually messes with our Amazon channel strategy. For example, one of our challenges if our copy is changed is that our products won’t rank as well organically in search. Or the content might not have accurate descriptions or might be telling customers false information.

Since we’re in the health food industry it’s imperative to ensure the accuracy of our product’s content because a 3rd party or Amazon could change our content to make claims that are not actually legal. For us, health claims are a very touchy territory and we have product specialists that understand what health claims we can make and what we can’t. So it’s quite important that that doesn’t happen.

How were you trying to do that before InsightLeap? And with InsightLeap today what have you been able to achieve as a business?

Before we were just manually auditing our product content which was not effective or time efficient.

Today, InsightLeap has saved us a lot of time – that’s for sure. Also, our product listings on Amazon are probably, as far as accuracy goes, in a better place than they have ever been before. There are still issues but that’s always the case with Amazon. I think the point is you can never be perfect on Amazon, although you can be pretty close to it.

How would you quantify the ROI of InsightLeap in terms of how much time has been saved for your team?

I’d say for automating our product content audits alone it has saved us more than 50% of our time a month.

So where our team was spending 20 hours a month we are now only spending 2 hours for this specific task. Also, being able to monitor reviews has been helpful since Amazon’s review tool is not very good.

InsightLeap’s data portal includes sales, inventory, and other metrics has been a lot easier to manipulate for us than Amazon’s Retail Analytics (ARA) portal which you can’t manipulate at all. We get the data we need without actually manually downloading and manipulating an excel spreadsheet.

What would you tell other people when they might be considering it InsightLeap?

I’d tell them it’s one of the better tools that I’ve run across. It’s affordable and the team is very responsive. So I would recommend it!

A Note from the InsightLeap Team

Working with Travis has been a pleasure and he’s been an amazing advocate. Overall, hearing how we’ve improved Navitas Organics’ work flow and saved them time in managing a growing Amazon channel keeps us motivated. We look forward to continuing to work towards addressing even larger pain points in the future!