Case Studies

See how InsightLeap has helped these companies take their business operations to the next level.

WD-40 Company on How InsightLeap has Streamlined their eCommerce Reporting and Workflow

Freddy Flores
E-Commerce Marketing Manager
WD-40 Company

Have you ever had to degrease your bike chain? Or fix that creaky door hinge at home? You probably used one of WD-40 Brand’s products to smooth out your problems. WD-40 Company has been around for more than 65 years and are best known for their iconic blue and yellow can with the little red top. They are the market leader in the multi-purpose maintenance product category.

Here at InsightLeap we are ecstatic to call WD-40 Company one of our customers and this week we are fortunate to profile Freddy Flores, who’s the E-Commerce Marketing Manager at the company. He speaks about the unique culture at the company, his perspective on eCommerce, and his learnings from throughout his career.

How InsightLeap helped General Tools Increase Sales by 31% on Amazon

Greg Bonsib
VP of Marketing
General Tools

Scientists believe that what sets humans apart from other mammals is tool-making. Our ability to use tools to make other, more complex tools significantly contributed to the advancement and evolution of our society to the farthest reaches of our imagination. The tools allowed us humans to accomplish things collectively we never could otherwise. Fast forward to today…we use tools like a hammer, wrench, or screwdriver to fix a pair of old glasses or a rickety chair, which has its basis in our necessity to build tools for hunting. That’s pretty interesting and super impressive, if you ask me.

I’m excited to share that one of InsightLeap’s customers, General Tools, contributes to the history of tools and the advancement of Homo sapiens by manufacturing and designing precision specialty tools today. I spoke with Greg Bonsib, VP of Marketing at General Tools, about the history of the company, his role, and his perspective on their Amazon channel strategy.

How InsightLeap helps Navitas Organics be 50% more efficient doing business on Amazon

Travis May
Director of Sales - Online & Canada
Navitas Organics

If you’ve ever searched for an organic maca or cacao powder to put in your smoothie like I have, you’ve probably come across Navitas Organics. Navitas is a health food company that provides organic superfoods like chia seeds, goji berries, power snacks, and Acai powder to the world. We’ve tried some of their snacks, so we can vouch that they pack a lot of energy, are super healthy, and delicious! You can find their products at your local grocery store or Amazon of course!

We are pleased to interview Travis May, the Director of Sales – Online & Canada for Navitas Organics, who is one of our customers. He describes how they use InsightLeap to help them manage their Amazon channel data and monitor their products’ content on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy our chat with Travis!