Introducing InsightLeap: Your Trusted Source for Amazon Insights & Decision Making

September 18, 2018 by Rishi Talwar

Today we are extremely excited to publicly launch InsightLeap, an Amazon focused eCommerce analytics platform! For brands and agencies that sell on Amazon, we bring together multiple Amazon data sources to generate insightful reports and assist in quick decision making to increase sales and optimize business operations.

Rishi Talwar, Hajime Furukawa
Co-founders of InsightLeap: Rishi Talwar (CEO) and Hajime Furukawa (CTO)

Our Journey

Prior to InsightLeap, Haji and I ran a software consultancy. During that time, we incubated and developed a tool to generate automated reports from Amazon Vendor Central data for one of our clients so they could share insights with other stakeholders. This tool would later become InsightLeap as we further developed the product within our consultancy and experienced success signing up early customers.

It was clear during our conversations with prospective customers that there was growing interest and curiosity in what we were building. We saw a massive opportunity ahead of us to solve problems for our customers at scale. It took us realizing that if we didn’t move faster and go all-in we would be doing a disservice to them.

With excitement and a new mission ahead of us, in January 2018 we left consulting to work full-time on InsightLeap!

Why InsightLeap?

In the Amazon world, there are three key data sources all brands should be attuned to: Vendor Central data, Amazon Advertising data, and data. Each of these data sources need to be meticulously worked with in conjunction with one another because it’s vital to the success of a brand’s Amazon strategy. Since these data sources are siloed, manually bringing them together is tedious and cumbersome. Trying to communicate performance through reporting or needing to analyze data can take many hours and be error-prone.

An example of a problem that an Amazon Channel Manager faces is knowing if their Amazon Ad spend is actually bringing an ROI on sales. Today they have to manually download data from two different portals, aggregate that data in Excel, and then create some pivot table to get the insights they want.

Manually doing this analysis is a task of the past with InsightLeap. Now you’re able to easily compare metrics from different data sources which immediately shortens the time to insight.

Our Vision

In order to be in a position to adequately solve our customer’s problem, we needed to focus on building the foundation of our data pipeline from the three different sources mentioned previously. Once we stitched together all these siloed data sources, we’re able to address our customer’s pain points in four ways:

  • Automated reporting – we are able to save our customers time by creating weekly and monthly reports of Amazon Vendor Central data.

  • Monitoring products on – at scale we’re able to monitor products on a daily basis for buy box information, price, reviews, and content changes.

  • Correlation and analysis of metrics from different data sources – be able to compare metrics from Amazon Vendor Central vs. Amazon Advertising data. This provides you with tremendous value because you are now able to get closer to the real ROI of your Amazon Ad spend.

  • Historical context of all your Amazon data – all your data is stored and accessible whenever you want with InsightLeap. This relieves a lot of pain of not having your data organized and stored efficiently if you only have Amazon Vendor Central ARA Basic and want to create rolling history of your sales, operational, and inventory data on a per product (ASIN) basis.

Building out the foundation for our data pipeline has been key because it facilitates new use cases when working closely with our customers.

Thank you to our early customers for supporting us and continuing to provide valuable feedback!

What’s Next?

The amount of data we are processing allows us to think critically about how we can apply cutting-edge technology like machine learning and AI to the growing Amazon eCommerce analytics world. That’s what makes what we are doing so exciting and the opportunity at hand so vast!

Today we are only scratching the surface of what is possible. It’s our job to continue to listen, focus, and innovate in order to continue to deliver massive value to our customers.

Get in Touch

If you’re an agency or brand please reach out to us to see how we can level up your efficiency and unlock new ways to utilize your Amazon data!