Reintroducing InsightLeap

May 22, 2023 by Brendan Ronan

InsightLeap, a leading provider of customer insight solutions, has been acquired by Brendan Ronan, owner of Ecliptic Ideas, a software development company. The acquisition marks a major milestone in the development of InsightLeap, as this new management’s resources and expertise will help the company expand its customer base and develop innovative solutions.

InsightLeap, which was founded in 2019, is a data analytics platform that enables businesses to understand the needs and wants of their customers through a combination of analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence. Its suite of services includes customer segmentation, predictive analytics, and customer experience optimization. With this acquisition, InsightLeap will gain access to the new management’s expansive global network and resources, which will enable it to further develop its offerings and reach a wider audience.

The acquisition is expected to bring many benefits for InsightLeap. One of the biggest goals of the acquisition is to reach and gain a larger customer base while growing the ability to offer more comprehensive solutions. Additionally, the acquisition allows InsightLeap to expand its product portfolio and add new capabilities to its existing offerings.

The new team has already started collaborating to create an integrated suite of data analytics solutions. This collaboration is expected to bring considerable value to its customers. In addition to the collaboration, InsightLeap and Ecliptic Ideas’ team will focus on expanding their customer base and refining their products and services.

This acquisition is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive data analytics solutions to eCommerce businesses globally. It is an exciting time for InsightLeap and from here the possibilities are endless.

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