Types of Amazon Advertising

June 7, 2024

Are you ready to learn how to advertise on Amazon? Let’s familiarize ourselves with the different ad types on Amazon.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored products focus on one product instead of the brand overall. With a combination of keywords and former search history, Amazon works to provide the most accurate sponsored results possible.

If you’re looking to push one product and not several, a sponsored product ad will be more specific and target the search results.

Remember, you pay for clicks (not impressions), but Amazon prioritizes the results that lead to the most clicks.

Sponsored product ads also show up on your competitors’ pages as alternatives to buy. Depending on the relevancy and who wins the bid, your product can show up on top of the results, within them, or at the bottom of the page.

Sponsored Brand Campaigns

Sponsored brand advertisements cover more than one product. They focus on the brand itself and what it has to offer. If you’re looking to build a relationship with the customer and nurture that connection, brand campaigns can help.

These sponsored advertisements feature your brand name, logo, and up to three products that your customer might be searching for. This type of advertisement will show up at the top of the page.

But remember, your business needs to be accepted into Amazon’s Brand Registry before sponsored brand ads become an option.

Here’s the catch, though: Amazon requires high standards of excellence before they’ll let you use some of the more advanced and powerful advertising issues. They have a brand to protect, too.

Product Display Ads

These ads are much more aggressive than sponsored brand campaigns. Even better, anyone can use Product Display Ads, not just Amazon sellers.

So, for instance, you may have a vendor account with Amazon and your own website with a need for Product Display Ads.

These Product Display Ads show up on product detail pages, customer reviews, on top of offer listing pages, and below search results.

You can also pay to have a product display ad placed directly below the “Add to Cart” button on the page for another product. This can help you upsell customers on a more expensive product or poach customers from your competition.

Whatever you do, remember that Product Display Ads are more effective when you track clicks, sales, ACOS (advertising cost of sales), and detailed page views. Having good software like InsightLeap gives you more powerful options for analyzing how effective your advertisement is.

Video Ads

Video ads can show up on streaming services like Amazon Instant or Freevee (formerly known as IMDBtv). These ads also turn up on the usual product pages and details pages. Use videos when you offer a product that sells better with a demonstration, like a kitchen appliance.

Video ads are a type of DSP (Demand Side Platform) like the Product Display Ads we’ve described above. Companies not selling directly on Amazon can buy all DSPs.

Amazon Stores

A company's Amazon store shows all the products it sells. There are plenty of template options and other methods for setting up a user-friendly, professional-looking page—no matter your web design expertise.

Having a well-designed and intentional store page is in your best interest since prospective customers expect a good, clean look. It inspires trust and credibility in your brand.

Not to mention, Amazon stores are a powerful source of analytics. All you have to do is link your Amazon stores in your sponsored brand ads to introduce customers to your full range of offerings.

Amazon Native Ads

Native ads show up on your brand’s website. While they don't have to be placed directly on Amazon, you have the same options with these ads: recommendations, search results, and custom ads.

Native ads also flow better and may not even seem like ads to your customer at all. Tracking demographic information and search history provides a seamless transition to targeted ads built into content.

Use a mix of different ad types on Amazon to get the broadest exposure for your company and its products.