Tips for growing your business on Amazon

June 7, 2024

Planning ahead is always a good idea, even if it's just right after the sale. Amazon allows you to experiment with many variables to boost your business.

After all, storefronts are representations of who you are. What do you do better than the rest? Amazon is a popular shopping destination for millions of people. Niche markets are always available.

You can make a big difference for your business by taking a good photo of your chosen product or by knowing the market and setting competitive prices.

Of course, no single technique or aspect can be improved. The best thing you can do is to streamline everything to stay ahead of your competitors, who will undoubtedly do the same.

Here are a few more tips for potentially increasing sales. Despite their simplicity, they are highly effective.

Target customers with paid ads

Discoverability will increase by 70% since paid ads will appear in areas with high traffic, such as product detail listings and shopping results. The competition is likely using paid ads to increase its brand's visibility since organic results are diminishing.

The only time you pay is when someone clicks on your ad. There is little risk involved since you can always figure out what works and doesn't. Plus, Amazon offers $50 in free clicks to new sellers.

Price competitively

You can set your own pricing rules. Just remember that it can be tricky to know how to price items, especially in a saturated market. Too high a price will decrease sales, while too low a price will reduce profits.

Delight customers with offers

Amazon coupons allow buyers to save money when they purchase products they want. These show up under product listings.

Also, you may be featured on Amazon's Coupon Page. Promoting shipping, discounts, and future purchases with coupons is a great way to attract new customers.

For instance, with a lightning deal—a discount promotion offered on an item for a short period of time—you can boost traffic and potential sales for up to 2-12 hours. Getting your storefront featured on the Today's Deals page is one of the best ways to increase sales and exposure amidst the sea of items on Amazon.

Learn from customer feedback

You can learn how customers feel about your products by viewing customer feedback. Negative reviews always affect the buying experience, even if they’re buried among positive ones.

Building customer rapport is always important, even in e-Commerce. Ultimately, you need to prove that you're trustworthy and capable of delivering the solution they need.

So, get insights to optimize inventory, reduce returns, and increase profits. Research says that 93% of customers use online reviews to determine buying decisions.

It’s also important not to overlook after-sales service. Over time, it will build trust, leading to brand loyalty.

The start of something great

In today's world, efficiency determines profits—and learning how to use Amazon can increase your brand's sales and awareness.

As the world’s largest e-Commerce marketplace, Amazon makes it easy to set up and activate a seller account. Paired with enticing incentives and systems that facilitate buyer-seller relationships, you have a goldmine.

Of course, staying on top of all your data can be challenging. There are a lot of things to keep in mind, which can lead to missing updates, irrelevant product information, and dated listings, among other things.

Luckily, we’ve created a platform to help you with that.

Managing Amazon products is easier with InsightLeap, an automated platform for reporting, alerts, and product analysis. With InsightLeap, you can seamlessly combine data from Amazon Vendor Central, Amazon Advertising, and across all your brands and products.

Metric comparisons and trends help you understand the full picture of your product so that you can make informed decisions.

So, if you’re ready to track your brand's performance across Amazon, look into InsightLeap. Make your data work harder so you can make better business decisions and drive more sales by taking the right actions faster.