Team Settings and Mark Products to Monitor

November 07, 2018

We are excited to make managing your team’s account a bit easier with the addition of a team’s setting page and the ability to mark products as monitored by InsightLeap.

Team Settings:

To get to the team’s settings page, click on your email in the top right and click “Team Settings” from the dropdown. See the screenshot below:

Team Settings

In the team settings you can manage your account in the following ways:

  1. Change your team’s name
  2. View your plan and see your usage of vendor accounts and monitored products.
  3. Archive and add new accounts
  4. Archive and add new users

Turn On/Off Monitoring a Product:

On each product page, we’ve added the ability for users to start and stop monitoring the product on You can do this via the menu button to right of the product name shown below:

Turn On/Off Monitoring a Product

This can become tedious if you have a lot of products that you need to update so you can still email us an excel spreadsheet if you need bulk changes made!

We hope this will help you fully utilize all InsightLeap’s features and make managing your account a bit easier.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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