New updates to kick off spring!

April 01, 2019

We’re starting to have great weather in Seattle, so to kick off spring, we added a number of new features and fixes to InsightLeap!

Export data for an account

If you need all the data for the latest week, we now have a new “Export” section where you can download several data sets at once in a single excel document. You can find this section under “Explore Data”


After selecting the time period you can download the following sections:

  1. Sales and Inventory - sales and inventory data for the select period (Also available from ‘Products’ section)
  2. Latest Content - the latest content on (Previously not available for export)
  3. Chargebacks - all the chargebacks for the selected period (Also available from the “Explore Data > Vendor Central > Chargebacks” section)
  4. Replenishment Code Changes - the replenishment code changes for the selected period (Also available from the “Explore Data > Vendor Central > Product Updates” section)
  5. Reviews - the reviews for the selected period (Also available from the “Explore Data > > Reviews” section)
  6. Buy Boxes - the buy box data for the selected period (Also available from the “Explore Data > > Buy Boxes” section)
  7. Content Changes - the content changes for the selected period (Also available from the “Explore Data > > Content Changes” section)

View Amazon’s Price VS Buy Box Price

When investigating a lost buy box, typically the first thing that vendors ask is “What is Amazon’s current retail offer/price”? Knowing Amazon’s current offering will allow you to quickly determine if you’re losing the buy box due to being out of stock, or if a pesky 3P is undercutting your price by a couple cents.

We’ve include Amazon’s price in 3 locations:

  1. > Buy Boxes Section Amazon Price - Buy Boxes

  2. Product Buy Box Graph Amazon Price - Graph

  3. Daily Notification Email Amazon Price - Email

Export Multiple days of Buy Boxes

We received feedback that you’d like be able to export multiple days of Buy Box information instead of just one day at a time. You can now expand the date range picker to include multiple days! If multiple days are selected the 7-day Lost Buy Boxes will not be calculated. Check this out at “Explore Data > > Buy Boxes”!

More details on Chargebacks

Finally, we’ve added a couple changes to Chargebacks.

  1. You can now get to chargebacks directly from “Explore Data > Vendor Central > Chargebacks”. Previously you were only able to get there through a report.
  2. We’ve included the ASIN and PO number in the Chargebacks table.
  3. You can now click on a Chargeback to see more details about the chargeback.

Chargeback details

We hope these changes make you more productive! Let us know your thoughts and have a great start of spring!

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