Retail Price, Amazon Revenue, and more!

April 08, 2019

For Monitored products, we’ve added 4 new metrics to a Product’s “Sales and Inventory” section that we think will help you better understand the performance of your sales channel.

  1. Retail Price - The average price amazon is selling the product for.
  2. Unit Cost - the cost of the product that amazon is purchasing the product for.
  3. Shipped Revenue - Amount of revenue amazon is generating given the retail price and shipped units.
  4. On Hand Revenue - Amount of potential revenue Amazon can generate give the current on hand units and the current retail price.

new metrics

How can I use this?

Compare Retail Price vs Unit Cost

One of the most important things when tracking the performance of a product is making sure it isn’t CRaPing out. Comparing Retail Price vs Unit Cost, will allow you to clearly see if Amazon is making a healthy margin on the product. If the Retail Price is close to the Unit Cost or the Retail price is consistently below the Unit Cost, the product may be at risk of being delisted or dropped by Amazon. Comparing these two metrics in InsightLeap will help you stay up-to-date on the product’s pricing health.

Compare Shipped Revenue and Shipped COGS

Comparing Shipped Revenue vs Shipped COGS will give you exactly how much money Amazon is making over what they are buying the product for. For example if the Retail Price is briefly lower than the Unit Cost while the volume is low, but there is a healthy margin when volume is high, you know Amazon is still making good money and the small loses on the offseason might not be a concern.

Anyways, we’re excited about these new metrics and we think that these metrics will be very powerful when thinking about a product profitability and when negotiating terms with Amazon.

If you have any questions or thoughts let us know!

Note: These metrics are only available for “Monitored” products.


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